Changing your practice to being trauma informed in therapeutic residential care

September 14, 2021
Glenys Bristow and Noel MacNamara

Did you know?

Ever wondered why professional sports people continue to do repeated skills and drills as part of their training regime? Becoming good at something and staying good at it takes time, persistence, repetition, and focus.

Experience tells us that to change our previous ways of working with children and young people to working therapeutically in a trauma informed environment plus confidently using the language can take up to two years with training and supportive mentoring/coaching, supervision and reflective practice.

The journey of change

We understand that this journey can be quite different for every residential care worker. For some it will come easily matching their current philosophy; for some new to the industry, it will be the only way they know and for others it can be really difficult.

What are some of these changes?

Find out more about putting theory into practice from the Australian Childhood Foundation…

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