Food Safety Guide for Care Homes

Food hazards and waste management

There are approximately 17,600 care homes in the UK. 70% of these are residential homes and 30% are nursing homes ( Care homes care for and support vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, people with physical and mental disabilities, individuals struggling to live alone and those with complex medical conditions. A fundamental part of a person’s care is food (and drink) that meets their needs, is nutritious, of good quality and safe to eat. All care homes must comply with food safety laws and adopt good hygiene practices. If they do not, it increases the risk of contamination and can make food unsafe. Contaminated food in a health and social care setting can have serious consequences. It can make residents ill, cause injuries and may even be life-threatening in some cases. Unsafe food is a greater risk for those more vulnerable, e.g. the elderly, allergy sufferers and those with existing illnesses and weakened immune systems.

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CPD Online College Source: Food Safety Guide for Care Homes | Food hazards, waste management

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