Alternative Care for Children Around the Globe

A desk review of the child welfare situation in all countries of the world

Florence Koenderink 2019

There is an estimate floating around – passed from hand to hand for several years now, while it is not entirely clear in what year it originated – that proximately 8 million children are living in institutional care around the world. It is impossible to say if this number is correct, and if not, whether it is high or low, though most experts agree it is likely a conservative estimate. Because children in institutions are, more often than not, not counted. They are not included in national censuses, and in many countries, while there may be some statistics about children living in state-run, and sometimes also those in registered NGO-run institutions, there is no real idea how many unregistered institutions exist in the country and how many children live in them. This means that the most vulnerable children go uncounted.

This report is a compilation of four years of research from desk reviews to try to determine numbers and current situation of children in alternative care. It is an informative and substantial piece of work and can be downloaded here…


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