Each breath is valuable

Report into arts in care homes was published on 3 May 2018.

David Cutler of the Baring Foundation commented: “Each Breath is Valuable gives a helpful typology of the models for arts in care homes: commercial; consortium; care home-led and artist development, which underpinned the four major grants we awarded after a highly competitive tender process. It is realistic about the intense challenges of working in the care home sector, which is facing desperately severe financial pressures and an ever more frail population. The report is emphatic about the benefits which the arts bring to residents, family and staff, as well as the stimulation and satisfaction that this work brings to artists.”

These cups were created by Jonty Lees, in response to working with residents of Crossroads Care Home in
Cornwall. Photo credit: Joint Effort Studio

The Forum has covered this great work before but it warrants a reminder here…

509 Arts Source: 509 Arts report into arts in care homes published – 509 Arts

Download the report here.

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