A home not a hospital: Service delivery goals for PH

On 2nd February, the Court was told that the Health Board had identified a placement for up to a maximum of 6 months – not a hospital in the ordinary sense but a residential home, a four-bedroom house which is suitable in terms of the lay out and his needs regarding treatment and care.

Promoting Open Justice in the Court of Protection

By Eleanor Tallon, 9th February 2022

My experience of this hearing (COP 1354439T) on7thFebruary 2022 could not be more different from my previous attempts to observe a public Court of Protection hearing (which Iblogged earlier).

Not only was it straightforward to gain access to the hearing itself, but also I was able to observe a clear and compelling exemplar of thefunctions and influence of the Court of Protection and seehow legal scrutiny can accelerate and steer the delivery of services to its optimum.

The hearing was about Mr PH.The ‘cliff-hanger’ ending of the last blog post about this case (from the hearing a few days earlier) was that arrangements had been made for PH to be taken, as he requested, to view a care setting he could move into. If he liked it, he would hopefully decide to resume taking nutrition – after having refused…

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