Advancing Care

Research with care homes

“Every day, there are more than twice as many people living in care homes in England and
Wales than staying in hospital. And yet historically there has been much less health care
research in care homes. We know far more about effective treatments in hospitals and less
about what works most effectively to improve care and experience for older people living in care homes.
But this is changing. in this report, we can see examples of different kinds of research supported by the NIHR in and with care homes. These include some of the most vulnerable people in our community with complex health and care needs. research can help care homes to support residents to live well, age well and to achieve a comfortable and dignified death. We also need to work well together, joining up the services of NHS and other professionals with staff working day and night in care homes. There is more to be done, but this report shows how research is addressing some of the real challenges for those working and living in care homes.”

Professor Martin J Vernon
National Clinical Director for Older People and Person centred integrated care,
NHS England

Read this NHS themed review from July 2017 in full here….

NIHR source:

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