Food and Residential Child Care

Children, food and care | Iriss

This Iriss Insight reviews the evidence about how food practices affect children in different care settings, drawing heavily from the experience of children in foster and residential care. However, many of the issues explored here have similarities to the experience of adults supported by social services and carers, so the Insight may also be of interest beyond those working with children.

This Insight was written by Ruth EmondIan McIntoshSamantha Punch and Claire Lightowler

Read the blog from Jonathan Stanley at NCERCC at…

NCERCC Source: Food and Residential Child Care – Somethings to Think About When You’re Doing the Sprouts – NCERCC


Food Practices in Residential Children’s Homes: The Views and Experiences of Staff and Children A Resource Handbook for Reflection


The use of food and food practices in residential care in Scotland

The use of food and food practices in residential care in Scotland – Ruth Emond, Samantha Punch | Iriss

University of Stirling (February 2012)

By Ruth Emond and Samantha Punch

More information on the research

Punch S, Dorrrer N, Emond R and McIntosh I (2009) Food practices in residential children’s homes: The views and experiences of staff and children (PDF), Stirling: University of Stirling.

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