A Call To The Brave & Strong: We Need More Frontline Heroes

leighvachon January 9, 2022

An extract from a blog worth reading…

“It’s a physical job. There is no way around it – the job of providing care is a largely physical one. It is a job that requires lifting, bending and bearing weight, it means hours on your feet, constantly in motion.

Though largely physical, I have watched the emotional toll PSW (Personal Support Worker) work takes. There are not boundaries enough that can stop a good, kind heart – the heart that beats in most PSWs – that can prevent the loss of their charges over and over without consequence.

PSWs are often the only social interaction their patients/residents/clients have in a day/week/month. They are often the last face seen by the dying. They are there in the darkest, most painful moments of a person’s life.”

Read in full at source: https://observationsfromthefrontline.wordpress.com/2022/01/09/a-call-to-the-brave-strong-we-need-more-frontline-heroes/

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