Attitudes to Ageing

The role we play as comms professionals: Niall Ryan 4 January 2022

“Words have the power to influence how we think both positively and negatively and can create long-lasting stereotypes – like around the topic of ageing.

We are enjoying much longer lives than generations before us, which opens up a wealth of opportunities for us as individuals and for society. And yet the way we talk about growing old and ageing is often negative and based on lazy and outdated stereotypes.

These subtle but damaging messages are everywhere, from the TV shows we watch featuring ‘doddery but dear’ characters and the ‘anti-ageing’ face creams we buy, to the media reports about the ‘burden’ of our ageing population.”

Ageing Better teamed up with Age-Friendly Manchester on a research project to better understand how ageing is portrayed in society. This blog relays what they learned from the research and some steps communicators can take. Read it in full at…

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Reframing ageing
Reframing ageing: Public perceptions of ageing, older age and demographic change
An old age problem?
An old age problem? How society shapes and reinforces negative attitudes to ageing
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