Changing the perception of children in care

“Stability usually comes from a supportive home and encouragement at school. But what happens when they feel that they can’t look to their parents, friends, or a schoolteacher for help. Children often arrive in care with their sense of safety and trust badly damaged. The reason they’re there is because their home life isn’t what most kids have or they’re being abused or bullied by the very people who should be giving them support. The child has been trying to deal with the challenges of this period of their life without a stable base.


Once in the care system, a child may experience multiple moves or homes (unfortunately known in the sector as placements). The only consistent person for a child in care is a social worker, who has of course had the child referred to them and who form part of their caseload. The implications of this are lifelong and damaging.”

Read the Feature in full at source…here SocialCareToday

Jay Carroll, Operational Manager at FABRIC – an organisation that is making a positive difference to young people in care or leaving care – explains why we need to change the perception of children in care.

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