Thursday morning. Not another blog about advance care planning!

“I… want it to be rolled-out more widely for those people, particularly care home residents or those with significant frailty living at home, yet, it became apparent that others, and some of them even had the word ‘ACP’ in their job title saw the document differently, proposing that it is focused far more widely – including those who are otherwise hale and hearty; more like an organ donor card than a do not attempt resuscitation document.”

Dr Rod’s Odd Blog (almondemotion)

I have been writing about advance care plans for a while.

Not necessarily ‘before they were fashionable’ – trend setting has never been my thing, yet, suffice it to say, for a while. (See here from 2017).

We held another of our Covid Conversations on Thursday.

Essentially, it was me, a GP colleague Sara, Colin and Penny from our dementia, frailty and older peoples’ mental health (Yorkshire & Humber) network with others from health, social care and the voluntary sector, discussing, advance care plans (ACP) during the time of Covid.

There is much to be said about all of this, starting with, for example, the ill-fated GPs who thought it an idea at the start of Covid to write such plans on behalf of all of their care home residents, a sort of blanket order to keep them out of hospital.

This was met with outrage from many as it…

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