Kimbilio House

Kimbilio is a community service that provides supported accommodation as well as supported living for homeless people.

“We believe that a home is more than having a roof over your head; it is a place where one feels LOVED. Love can mean many things to different people. For us, however, LOVE is an acronym for a sense of Link, Overt-kindness, Value and Equanimity.

Link stands for a sense of connectedness belonging and identity; Overt-kindness is a word for a sense of assured nurturance, provision and care; Value is a sense of unconditional acceptance and life purpose, and Equanimity is a word for emotional comfort and resilience – the ability to cope well and rebound from the adversities of life.

For us, LOVE means a sense of connectedness, belonging, assured provision, care, unconditional acceptance, life purpose and emotional resilience. In essence, home is more than having a place to live, but a life characterised by a psychological, social and spiritual state of secure LOVE.

Kimbilio (a Swahili word for refuge) aims at providing person-centred support for the homeless to develop a secure sense of LOVE. Dreamlife will commence operating its first supported accommodation home early next year (2022). Kimbilio house is planned to provide a home for single homeless people in Liverpool.”


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