Ageing well – meeting the needs of older adults

Published: 14/09/2021, Housing options and alternative modes of living for later life

Chapter one provides an overview of the current and emerging issues in relation to housing, modes of living and care for a new and diversifying generation of older adults. It discusses recent developments in the domain of housing and accommodation and how these may be mobilised in adult social care to respond to the needs of a demographic of older people who may wish to live in ways that are fundamentally different to the generations of older people before them. This chapter will be of interest to residential care managers, older peoples’ service managers, and strategic planners responsible for the development of local authority housing strategy and procurement planning for older peoples’ care and support services. It will also be of interest to practitioners supporting people in decision-making around their housing options in later life. An open-access podcast also explores co-housing as an alternative housing option in later life, considering how it can reduce loneliness and foster social connectedness, independence and community.

Open Access Podcast, Creating and building a co-housing community

Author: Research in Practice Source: Ageing well – meeting the needs of older adults

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