The Common Weal Care Reform Group, & Smith, M. (2021). Common Weal’s Manifesto for a Social Care Service. Dundee University.

The aim of the National Care Service should be to promote a caring society and to support and provide care to all who need it, free at the point of need.
Care provision should be embedded in the context of other social practices, policies and
infrastructure that supports civil society as a whole. The objectives of the NCS should be to:
• Support caring relationships and informal care provision in communities;
• Support and develop the social work and social care workforce;
• Prevent care needs developing unnecessarily;
• Assess the care needs of communities and allocate the resources necessary to ensure those needs are appropriately met and as close to the community as possible;
• Establish rights to care services for those who need them;
• Monitor the emergence and evolution of care needs as society changes and respond to individuals and communities whose care needs are unrecognised and unmet;
• Lead research on care needs and care provision and the impacts of social and economic policy on caring relationships;
• Support the provision of care that is integral to other services, including health, education, culture and recreation

Common Weal is a Scottish ‘think and
do tank’ which promotes thinking,
practice and campaigning on social
and economic equality, participative
democracy, environmental sustainability,
wellbeing, quality of life, peace, justice,
culture and the arts.


Manifesto for a National Care Service by Common Weal, a progressive “think and do tank”.  This deals with the nature of care, relationships between carers and the cared-for, and the ethical rights of users of care services.  

What is Care? by Professor Mark Smith. “Care is not just something that is delivered by the state but happens all around us in everyday settings. The state needs to move away from the notion of care as statutory intervention and to work with the grain of such a wider ecology of care.”

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