Residential Care Tech Landscape Review

The fourth instalment in a series of technology landscape reviews

The residential care sector in the UK has a complex structure and is arranged between government funded, charity and privately funded care. Residential care homes cater for a range of scenarios, from children to young adults through to elderly care and hospice care. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the residential care sector. Vulnerable individuals in residential settings have suffered disproportionately through the pandemic, similarly the pandemic has had a significant impact on residential care workers. The true impact of the pandemic may not be fully realised for a number of years. It is already clear that residents and care workers have died at higher rates, mental health is on the decline and retention of care workers is more difficult than ever.

Although there is some understanding on the quality and breadth of technology being used, the degree to which the care home sector, and social care as a whole, is digitised is poorly understood…. read on…

  • Residential Care Tech Landscape Final
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Future Care Capital Source: Residential Care Tech Landscape Review – Future Care Capital

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