Older Australians need more housing choices

Keryn Curtis, October 16, 2020

“...cohousing needs to be a serious option in the housing mix and it needs to be supported by planning policy and business leadership.”

More choices needed

With due respect to the retirement village industry, the reality is, if you are living in your family home and would like to ‘rightsize’ to a place that better suits your needs as you grow older, the options are pretty thin on the ground.  There are smaller houses and apartment buildings if you’re content to merely reduce your land/floor size.  But if you want your ‘last home’ to be supportive of your potentially changing needs as you get older (things like proximity to shops, services and public transport if you’re not able to drive; security and design features that can support health and mobility changes; location among people you know, within the community you love), then you will struggle.  And with all the costs (and taxes) involved in selling and relocating anywhere, it’s not surprising that many people think twice.

Read this in full to see how the debate and options are unfolding in Australia…

Agency Cohousing and Community source: https://wp.me/p7qDj6-c9

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