House of Generations

First soil turned for a prototype of future care homes that mixes generations

Sølund is an ambitious pioneering prototype for integrated urban nursing homes of the future which also acts as a driver for the development of Nørrebro district in Copenhagen. The building includes 360 nursing home units, 150 youth housing, and 20 senior homes, a daycare centre, shops and car parking.

The building’s design and architecture seek to capture a sense of living in Nørrebro, while giving residents meaningful experiences in the form of urban life, light, views, and interaction with other people and nature.

The new Sølund has an enormous potential as an urban generator that can contribute with life and atmosphere from its many residents, staff, and visitors. They will populate the area, creating lively urban activity 24 hours a day both towards an adjacent lake and where the complex meets the urban space out towards the street Ryesgade.

More details and lots architectural type pictures at…

C.F. Møller source:

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