Partnerships for Progress

Ty Seren is a Residential Family Centre in Bridgend, South Wales that is operated by Partnerships for Progress (PfP).

They “offer a service to families that face the prospect of children being removed from their parents’ care, but who, with the right support, may develop their abilities to continue to care for their children on a long-term basis.

A residential family centre is any establishment that provides residential (live-in) services for parents and their children in order to monitor and assess the parents’ ability to look after their children. This means responding to their children’s needs, safeguarding and promoting their children’s welfare.”

We believe every child has the right to the best start in life

Read all about this residential family centre as it reopens (October 2021) after being closed to admissions in October 2020 following an inspection by Care Inspectorate Wales. Partnerships for Progress (PfP) and the Bridgend residential family centre was historically called Family Crosspoint. The section of the website called “Learning from the Past” documents the work done to improve services. Some of the changes and developments PfP has introduced are shared in a table, which is a helpful resource for any service seeking to improve (Residential Forum)

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