Should South Asian Parents be in UK Care Homes?

October 4, 2021, By Somia R Bibi

In Desi families, placing South Asian parents in care homes is taboo. DESIblitz investigates whether this perceptive needs to change. In Desi homes, the importance of family, care and togetherness remains strong. It is no secret that care homes have been a taboo topic across many South Asian communities.

Truth be told, there is beauty in reciprocating the care towards the older generation.

Younger people can learn about their heritage if caring for their elderly parents. It is also a way for family bonds to strengthen

Also, South Asian parents being in a care home is not necessarily a sign of a lack of family care. Rather a reflection of lifestyle changes.

Either way, a robust formal support infrastructure that is culturally sensitive is needed. In part, this is due to a growing ageing population.

The issue is an emotive one and will remain so. It creates tensions and results in clashes between modern lifestyles and traditional ideals and hopes.

Ideally, there needs to be the correct balance between South Asians and care homes. Where modern culture is taken into account whilst conventional Desi characteristics are maintained.

Read the item in full at the DESIblitz source: Should South Asian Parents be in UK Care Homes? | DESIblitz

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