Here’s the thing with DoLS… Reflections on the LGO’s recommendations to Kent County Council

“I, like many of you, have been following the latest chapter in the DoLS saga with interest. I am referring, of course, to the Local Government Ombudsman’s report regarding Kent County Council’s delays in processing standard authorisations and Kent County Council’s, frankly very honest, response to those Ombudsman’s recommendations.

But, of course, in 2009, the country was operating on the basis of a very different understanding of what amounted to a deprivation of liberty. Nobody thought it applied to the majority of care home residents, or to people who weren’t asking to leave. Thanks to the Supreme Court in Cheshire West, we now all know that isn’t the case.”

A blog worth reading in full as the issues with DoLs authorisations are professionally and legally compromising care home managers and providers (Residential Forum)

Local Authority Lawyer in Adult Social Care source:

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