Ambition for Ageing Podcast

“The Ambition for Ageing Podcast aims to brings different guests each week to discuss ageing and the places we live, looking at everything from social isolation and loneliness to the benefits of ageing and building age-friendly places. We are joined each week alongside academics and policy makers, researchers, front line delivery staff and of course, older people themselves.

The podcast is available on a variety of podcast platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and Google Play, just search for The Ambition for Ageing Podcast. Some are embedded below…

Contents: Skip to an episode
  1. Why do we address social isolation?
  2. Why are there so many myths around loneliness?
  3. How can we work with communities to build capacity?
  4. Why are places and spaces important for communities to survive and thrive?
  5. What do we know about how inequality drives social isolation? (Part 1 of a two part episode on inequalities).
  6. Stories from older people on the impact of inequality and importance of diversity. (Part 2 of a two part episode on inequalities).
  7. Is a truly accessible evaluation process possible? (Bonus)


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