Secure units and young people: In search of home to call your own

“All children and young people need a home to call their own and psychiatric hospitals do not create environments that are helpful to long term recovery.”

Promoting Open Justice in the Court of Protection

By Anna Rebowska, 2nd September 2021

An earlier blog post reports on a COP case in which a 17-year-old girl (anonymised as “N”) endured numerous placement breakdowns and found herself repeatedly detained in Emergency Department and in police stations for her own protection and for the protection of others. 

N has been diagnosed with autism, mild learning disability and ‘emotional dysregulation’. She has been subject to detention under Mental Health Act but this has been quickly rescinded before transfer from acute hospital to a psychiatric unit took place.

Due to the complex nature of N’s presentation, the Local Authority struggled to find a suitable long-term placement that can meet her needs despite a nationwide search.

At the time of the last report, N was in a temporary accommodation in an annex of a care home whilethe search continued for a provider that can offer her a home and the…

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