Workforce challenges in social care

Charles Armitage, Jul 27·5 min read

Writing on Medium, Charles Armitage says:

“In the last few weeks, things have changed across social care. A number of new dynamics have emerged that, when taken together, are creating the perfect recruitment and retention storm.

Every care provider I’ve spoken to over the past few weeks has told me about their catastrophic staffing challenges. Even today, many are no longer able to provide even a basic service.

The long term trends affecting the sector are well known; terrible hourly wages, poor recognition and perceived lack of career development. But they are now joined by six further dynamics that are pushing services over the edge:

  • Mandatory vaccination for care home workers
  • COVID-19 self isolation requirements
  • Labour shortages across retail and hospitality
  • Post-Brexit impact on free movement of people
  • 3% increase in NHS pay
  • Workforce burnout

He looks at each of these factors in turn…read the full blog…

Medium source:

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