‘Ambitions for change’

Report on improving healthcare in care homes launched
British Geriatrics Society, 10 August 2021

The British Geriatrics Society has published a report aimed at improving the quality of healthcare for care home residents. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on older people, with 35.6% of the 130,000 deaths in the UK occurring in people living in care homes. Many others suffered from worsening physical, mental and emotional health as a result of lockdowns and visiting restrictions. The report sets out how care home staff and visiting healthcare professionals can work together to ensure high-quality healthcare is delivered for the more than 400,000 older people who live in care homes.

The report, Ambitions for change: Improving healthcare in care homes, describes how healthcare is currently provided in these diverse settings, which range from small privately-owned care homes to large purpose-built homes run by care home chains…read the release in full and download the report at…

Source: https://www.bgs.org.uk/policy-and-media/%E2%80%98ambitions-for-change-report-on-improving-healthcare-in-care-homes-launched

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