A good home must be a digitally connected home

Digital connectivity has become an essential part of what makes a good home, but many people are still missing out on the benefits.

Older couple interacting with tablet and laptop

In this blog (9 August 2021), Ali Rogan, Good Home Inquiry Digital Consultant, talks about how the pandemic has fundamentally shifted our use and dependence on digital, the role it plays in a good home and the barriers that many people face in getting online.

The pandemic has meant a fundamental change in the way we interact digitally with an acceleration of people working from home, children home schooling and families spending much more time at home. We have seen thousands of online consumers buying goods online, many people experiencing their first video call, and health and care services shifting online with video consultations with a GP, physio or mental health nurse.

However, there are still many people who are missing out…read the blog in full…

Centre for Ageing Better source: https://www.ageing-better.org.uk/blogs/good-home-must-be-digitally-connected-home

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