Hospice In Your Care Home – Wigan and Leigh Hospice

About the service

When the service first launched in 2015, it was commissioned to support nursing homes, with the aim of expanding to reach out to residential homes over time. Care homes are an increasingly important setting for palliative and end of life care, with around 1 in 5 people in the UK spending their final days in a care home. With the appropriate support and education, care home staff have been helped to provide care which respects the wishes of residents and/or the wishes of their loved ones.

The Hospice in your Care Home team consists of of experienced registered nurses and health care assistants. They work with staff in diverse settings, to enhance the care of residents in the last few weeks and days of life – with the aim of promoting comfort and dignity. Hospice staff have extensive experience in palliative and end of life care. One of our aims as an organisation is to share our skills in order to ensure as many people as possible in the Wigan and Leigh area can benefit from our expertise.

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Source: Hospice In Your Care Home – Wigan & Leigh Hospice

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