Long Term Segregation

The Oversight Panel’s interim conclusions

This document summarises the interim conclusions of the Oversight Panel. It outlines the headline findings from a thematic review of 26 independently chaired Care (Education) and Treatment Reviews (IC(E)TRs), from discussions with IC(E)TR independent chairs, and Panel meetings. These have been grouped in to 6 ‘improvement areas’. Against each of these improvement areas we have described ‘what we want to see’ – that is what we consider to be the correct aims and objectives in those areas. The Oversight Panel has identified some actions which need to commence immediately but require a funded project plan. The Panel has also identified other actions and recommendations which need further development and would be completed for a final report in 2021.

These actions and proposed recommendations are specifically intended to improve outcomes and the immediate circumstances for people in long term segregation (LTS). However, the Oversight Panel also strongly recommends that these areas for improvement should apply more generally for all people with learning disabilities and/or autistic people who are inpatients or at risk of admission.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/woodalicia_thematic-review-of-the-independent-care-activity-6823884901775917056-_ky2

Read about the Panel’s findings in full here…

Independent report

Thematic Review of the Independent Care (Education) and Treatment Reviews

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