Supporting People living with dementia in Extra Care Housing


Extra Care Housing is an increasingly popular form of housing for older people, often as a preferred alternative to a care home. Many people appreciate the independence that having their own apartment within an Extra Care Housing scheme can offer, while also being able to access help and support, enjoying opportunities for social interaction and feeling safe.


Over a fifth of those living in Extra Care Housing have dementia, a number that is likely to increase as as the prevalence of dementia continues to increase and people are being diagnosed at a younger age. There are three common models of Extra Care Housing for supporting people living with dementia. Some schemes have a separate area or unit for people living with dementia, others take an integrated approach by supporting people living with dementia alongside residents without dementia, and a third model of scheme is exclusively for people living with dementia. Previous studies have highlighted some key features of Extra Care Housing that can help people with dementia including dementia-friendly design, having flexible care available, good use of technology, and lots of opportunities for social activities. However, everyone has a different experience of dementia and little is known about what model of extra care housing works for whom.

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Source: DemECH project – DemECH-project.pdf

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