Social care reform: it’s more than just money

Clive Bowman, Residential Forum member, has a new blog on the website of the International Longevity Centre UK. An interesting contribution that focuses on the particular challenges around care homes and older people. The propositions are both directed at the systems and as well as the structures of social care. They are big and bold raising many questions but warrant serious consideration and debate. A taster….

Assessment, care planning and surveillance should and could be provided as a public service aligned to support the individual. A starting point could be the establishment of a National Care Home Commission (NCHC) as an executive agency within the Department of Health and Social Care with regional and district structures consolidating and repurposing the resources of the various NHS, local authority and regulatory bodies into a new organisation whose mission would be aligned to the assessment of individual needs, care planning and the coordination and surveillance of care. Imagine, just one service to contact!

Read in full at ILCUK Source: Social care reform: it’s more than just money – ILCUK

Clive Bowman

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