Why we should be looking at alternative housing options for older people

Amanda Clarke, Share and Care Homeshare, 14/06/21

Homeshare arrangements not only support wellbeing, relieve pressure on overstretched health services they support mental health and isolation. Amanda Clarke makes a compelling case for why we need more Homeshare and particularly for older people who were severely impacted by the pandemic in England. 

We need to end the cycle of directing older people regardless of what care they actually require to care homes; often it’s during a crisis that the decision gets forced and that’s where people typically go.  Instead let’s adopt non-traditional models of care such as preventative options to encourage independence, or rather interdependence. 

  • Affordable and effective support
  • Community-based living has multiple advantages
  • Creating more diverse options in communities

Share and Care is a member of the UK Homeshare network

Read in full at “Think Local Act Personal” Source: https://www.thinklocalactpersonal.org.uk/Blog/Why-we-should-be-looking-at-alternative-housing-options-for-older-people/

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