‘You need to work towards going back to foster care’

…how the narrative around children’s homes puts blame on young people by John Radoux, May 2019

Residential children’s homes are often seen as a last resort or second best to foster homes, and that has an effect on some children in care. Others have written and spoken eloquently about the use of language – I agree with them, and will therefore use the word “home” instead of “placement”.

Last resort

One of the problems with children’s homes being seen as a last resort is that a child might be “tried” in multiple foster homes – often in double digits – before a children’s home is considered. Let us call this what it is: systemic abuse.

Read in full at Source: https://www.communitycare.co.uk/2019/05/16/need-work-towards-going-back-foster-care-narrative-around-childrens-homes-harms-young-people/

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