Care Homes: How You Should Communicate Your Information

It is never an easy decision to move into care. It is usually a big step, only being finally taken when every other alternative has been explored and exhausted. The decision is charged with emotion;  often being taken by the person’s family at a time of crisis when their relative is in poor health. Given the circumstances, it can mean that it can be difficult for people to read, digest and fully understand information about a care home.

It is very important that the information care home owners and managers provide is clear, concise and easily understood to ensure people make the correct choices for their own, or their loved one’s needs. It is also a key requirement to comply with consumer law – all information must be given in a manner potential residents and their families can understand to ensure informed decisions are made.

It can be a minefield, but Business Companion, a free online resource backed by the Government, is here to help. They have published a suite of materials to help care home professionals ensure their information is communicated in a way that is helpful and stays on the right side of consumer law.

The potential resident’s journey to the care home is covered, which gives a strong understanding of how your communications need to be phrased and presented at the outset. All the key information you need to include about your home and its services is discussed in detail, from the initial phone call or website click to the first physical visit and beyond. You’ll be able to help people quickly understand the important features of what your home offers and how this compares to other homes.

Everything you need to cover is included and there is also extremely useful guidance on how to avoid making misleading claims in your communications. There are also excellent additional resources on related topics such as when to present your information and how to handle unplanned and emergency admissions.

For further information:

Care homes: communications | Business Companion

Business Companion covers trading standards law for England, Scotland and Wales. For guidance on the law in Northern Ireland, please see

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