Responses to the Competitions and Market Authority Study on Childrens Social Care Provision

The CMA’s study was launched in March after concerns were raised by social work and social care leaders, including Chair of the Care Review Josh MacAlister, around the high profit margins of the private children’s home market.

The watchdog invited from interested parties such as care and accommodation suppliers, local authorities, and looked-after and care-experienced children and their advocates.

Thirty-five organisations contributed evidence for the study, which the watchdog will use to make a decision on whether to open a full market investigation. The decision on whether to make an Market Investigation Reference (MIR) will be published by 11 September 2021.

Read the submissions from all 35 organisations:

Additional Source and CELCIS response: CELCIS_repsonse_to_Competitions_and_Market_Authority_Study_on_Childrens_Social_Care_Provision_-_CELCIS_Letter.pdf

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