Can retirement communities help solve the social care crisis?

Retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, but could they work as well in the UK, asks David Brindle. 19 April 2021

Selected extracts:

  • ‘Every decision about care is also a decision about housing.’
  • There’s a lack of clarity about what constitutes a retirement community
  • There are various descriptors in use in addition to housing with care, including ‘extra-care’, ‘assisted living’ and ‘very sheltered housing’
  • Question of whether housing for older and disabled people is going to be taken properly into account in ministers’ promised plans for social care reform.
  • The kind of collaborative model that will have to be replicated at local level
  • In truth, we will need our care homes as well as a greatly expanded supply of housing with care.

Read this thoughtful blog in full at Social Care Today, Source: Can retirement communities help solve the social care crisis? – Social Care Today

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