Flapjacks and Feudalism

Social Mobility and Class in The Archers

Flapjacks and Feudalism: Social Mobility and Class in The Archers is an excavation into the family and class politics found in the clans of the residents of Ambridge, in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers.

This looks to be a cracking book (Residential Forum) especially the chapter:

Can’t Afford the Laurels?: Care Provision in Ambridge in 2045

Care options for older people are important to individuals and to society, and currently, there is a crisis in this care. The chapter presents a research base projection onto the situation in England in 2045, using Office for National Statistics (ONS) modelling based on current population reaching the age of 85-years plus. We take three The Archers characters and fantasise about their lives in 2045, Shula and Kenton Archer and Hazel Woolley. Through them, we illustrate three options for care, namely, cared for by family members, buying in care in own home and moving into a care home. The financial aspects of these choices are explored.

Available from Emerald Insight Source: https://www.emerald.com/insight/publication/doi/10.1108/9781800713864 if you have access or all good book shops.

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