Residential Care and Education for Children and Young People under the age of 18

Ewan Anderson and Norman Cooke – The Therapeutic Care Journal

The purpose of this paper is to identify and clarify sectors of Residential Care and Education provision for children and young people under the age of 18.

The Children Act (1989) provided vital legislation across the field of residential care and education. It followed early work by the Dartington Social Research Unit beginning in 1960 and broadened in 1970 and two publications: ‘Bridges over troubled waters’ by the NHS Health Advisory Service in 1986 and the Wagner Report in 1988.

The Wagner Report covered residential services for all ages and a wide range of needs but the focus was on adult care. To develop and implement the recommendations of the Report, the Wagner Development Group was established with the Charter for Children Steering Group, chaired by Barbara Kahan, as a key component. The project for the Group covered not only children’s homes but also boarding schools together with health and other settings in which children and young people lived in groups away from home. As stated in the final report, ‘Positive Answers’ (1993):

‘The work of the Group has taken place during a period of unprecedented activity and
concern with child care issues, and with residential care in particular.’

To further the work on residential care, the Residential Forum was established by Lady Wagner in 1994. Meanwhile……… read the full paper at….

Source: Residential Care and Education for Children and Young People under the age of 18. Ewan Anderson and Norman Cooke  – The Therapeutic Care Journal

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