Best Practice Access – Unlock Care Homes

“Unlock Care Homes is a group of ordinary family carers exhausted and frustrated by the lack of progress on the lifting of visiting restrictions in care homes. We are determined to challenge the inaction of this Government and will not stop fighting until we are reunited with our loved ones”.

Families Needn’t Be Locked Out From Care Homes:

It doesn’t need to be this way.  Some Care Managers have shown flexibility, adaptability to allow safe family visiting. These care managers use common sense to ensure the essential contact between family carers and their loved ones continues.

Read at Source: Best Practice Access – Unlock Care Homes Campaign


Please take a few minutes to complete the survey on care home visiting experience.
This will help get a better picture of which care homes and care home providers are allowing or denying visits, as well as information on the duration and frequency of visits.
The information provided will remain anonymous.
Survey Link

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