Limelight – Old Trafford, Manchester

Limelight is a pioneering project which sits at the very heart of the Old Trafford master plan, a strategic development within Trafford Housing Trust’s vision to regenerate the area. The development integrates 81 extra care apartments into a development which also incorporates the relocation of two GP surgeries and associated health facilities, space for the delivery of council services, whilst also providing a range of intergenerational facilities for the wider community. These facilities include a library, social enterprise, community café, flexible event spaces, a 40 place children’s nursery, sports and recreation facilities alongside the re-provision of a new church and rectory. Collectively they form an integrated hub designed with and serving the diverse community of Old Trafford.

The design concept is based around two new streets. A ‘community street’ promotes the health and wellbeing of local people, whilst a ‘residential street’ dovetails the development into the surrounding urban area.

Limelight is one of the first integrated hubs to be delivered in the UK and is a model for future age friendly developments, which places older people at the heart of their diverse community.

Source: PRP / Limelight

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