Review of Children’s Social Care in England formally launches and publishes early plans


The Residential Forum will posting a series of items on this Review and various other reviews/initiatives that have appeared simultaneously. These include the Competitions and Marketing Authority, the House of Commons Education Select Committee, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Looked after Children and Care Leavers, the House of Lords vulnerable children inquiry, the Ofsted research report on the education of children in children’s homes plus the Police and Crime Bill and a couple of reports from the Local Government Association about placements. If that is not enough the new Children’s Commissioner has launched a “once-in-a-generation” review of the future of childhood. And that is just England!

English Government Care Review: The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care  described by its Chair as a ‘future facing ‘‘once-in-a-generation” opportunity to transform a system that is needed to give the most vulnerable children safety, stability and love.’

So far there have been disputes around the experts by experience and the time limit for advice and evidence, the researchers remain unknown at the time of writing. The contract with the Chair is suggestive of a Review that has it’s scope restricted by resources.

There are those who are welcoming and optimistic though it hard to discern if this is tactical, those who are sceptical, and those who are oppositional.
The terms of reference are not welcoming of the residential experience.

Source: IRCSC_Early-Plans_V2.pdf

Watch this space and let the Forum know what you think.

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