Why the market matters in adult social care (and what we can do about it)

Omar Idriss, Stephen Rocks, Simon Bottery

If the adult social care market worked well, as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has explained in the case of care homes, it would match supply and demand, and people would make well-informed choices about how their care needs are met. Those working in the sector would be appropriately recompensed for their skills, the industry would be financially sustainable, providers would become more efficient and investment in the sector would continue.

However, the CMA concluded there were broad problems in the care home market. These problems are likely extend to other areas of adult social care provision, such as home care. The Health Foundation has identified issues with access, quality, workforce resilience and provider sustainability. Examples include: READ on….

Source The Health Foundation: Why the market matters in adult social care (and what we can do about it) | The Health Foundation

Residential Forum comments:

First question what is social care? Maybe there are several markets that are very different. One of those markets is for care homes – just one option for supported living.

The Forum takes a view that people should be able to make a “positive choice” about their accommodation so that they can benefit from the support and care they want, in the way they want and from who they want. Members primary concern is about HOME and how the buildings and spaces where people live and the way people live has the good things found at HOME. Support and care is one of those good things.

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