Spark of Life Model of Care – Dementia Care International

The Spark of Life Model of Care is an innovative and high performing best practice model that humanises the culture of care.

It enables aged care homes and services to become vibrant and values based places to work and learn. The model infuses a heart-centred attitude to implement the essence of person-centred care. In addition, the model ensures that people with dementia have the opportunity to experience rehabilitation and care solutions to behaviours of concern with a non-pharmacological focus.

The three elements of the Spark of Life Model of Care are:

  1. The Spark of Life Philosophy that underpins the entire implementation
  2. The Spark of Life Whole System for structured implementation and evaluation
  3. The Spark of Life Master Practitioner as the pivotal implementer for sustained culture change

Source: Spark of Life Model of Care – Dementia Care International

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