Children in Care – a personal reflection

By Ed Nixon – The Therapeutic Care Journal, April 2018

A spiral of inter-generational failed attachments

I am not a therapist and have no expertise in that field but I do know, as a social worker and former manager of fostering and residential services that simply caring for children without a therapeutic base is both pointless and in my view shameful.

This piece is based on my experience of the ‘Care System’ as one of those employed in it for some forty-four years.

To be clear at the outset – The Care system is full of as many wonderful children as any other institution/group/sub culture/class or whatever cohort you select. It’s just that they are often expected to fail, labelled by others, blamed by yet others for things they didn’t do and frequently overlooked by our society which still tends to prefer not to know the truth when it hurts.

Let me offer an example of how Looked After Children can be demonised………………….

Read the full piece at Source: Children in Care – A Personal reflection. By Ed Nixon – The Therapeutic Care Journal

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