Tubbemodellen | Changemakers

The Tubbe model is a housing model that was developed to give elderly people power to control their daily living at home.

Some of the unique characteristics of this model are how the elderly are included at all levels in planning and decision making to ensure control and quality in their own living conditions. Employees are given a high degree of responsibility and participation in their work. The leadership is participative and process-oriented. We also work to minimize the difference in roles between employees and seniors. Work groups have been formed within the organization for all different work areas that are needed for modern elderly care. All activities rest on these groups and have confidence that all of them contribute with their part in each care work area that have been assigned to each of the groups.

Innovation means change so read all about this project and how it works in a sustainable way.

Source: https://www.changemakers.com/innovationinageing/entries/tubbemodellen

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