Care Homes: When, Why and How to choose a Care Home

Who needs this care homes guide?

Over 100,000 people who make this choice every year in the UK.


When is the right time to read it?


What you will find in the Care Homes Book



PART I: Considering Care

1. The Basics

2. How to avoid a care home

PART II: Looking for a Care Home

3. What you need to know before you start

4. Checking out a care home

5. Services to expect

PART III: Get the Most Out of a Care Home

6. Life in a care home

7. Comments and complaints

8. Leaving

PART IV: The Costs

9. Emotional costs

10. Financial costs

PART V: Some Tools

11. Essential guide to key ideas

Care Homes Guide | Source: Care Homes: When, Why and How to choose a Care Home | Care Homes Guide

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