A Positive Future…

1988 and residential services were low in public esteem and those who were concerned that residential care should be of high quality and be properly valued for its contribution were greatly concerned. Hence the Wagner Report – A Positive Choice. Now, 32 years later, Gillian Wagner acknowedges the continuing efforts of the Residential Forum to raise knowledge, awareness and esteem of those – adults and children – who live and work in care homes and all forms of supported accommodation.

Dame Gillian Wagner

She writes…..

“For an organisation that is so dependent on its members for the contribution they make, and their support, anniversaries are very important. The Residential Forum has celebrated not only its twentieth anniversary – with A Positive Future – but additionally its thirtieth.  The reception at the House of Lords in November 2019 was to remember the publication of A Positive Choice and to announce the launch of The Neighbourhood Project.

Now we are about to celebrate again, but this time in a different format. We shall have  posted our 1000th item on the Forum website in the very near future.  Instead of expensive seminars and workshops, we are continuing to share knowledge and news about residential care and supported accommodation in digital and virtual mediums – indeed, something I consider a cause for celebration.  Keep your contributions and suggestions coming.  We recently held our first virtual AGM, and we have never had such a numerous attendance.  If there is anything to be said for lockdown, it is that it can make us use different, easier and, yes, cheaper methods of communication.  We shall build on that – carry on blogging, a Happy New Year and congratulations.”

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