New resource to enhance management of Care Home Residents in Acute and Emergency Care Settings

British Geriatrics Society, Dr Jenni Burton is a clinical lecturer and specialist registrar in geriatric medicine in Glasgow.

Due to high levels of complex co-morbidity, frailty and dementia, care home residents can be difficult to assess, particularly when they are acutely unwell and in unfamiliar surroundings. The noisy, busy environments in acute receiving units and emergency departments often exacerbate these challenges. Sometimes there is uncertainty from practitioners over the reason for referral or the focus of their consultation. Many working in secondary care have limited or no experience of care home settings, often not appreciating the spectrum of need, care and staffing which is available to support residents.

The goal of the infographic and accompanying short video is to share advice and good practice on simple, practical steps which can help to improve assessment and management. For more on the approach to assessing older adults living with frailty in acute care, see BMJ Practice Article which may be of interest3.


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