Transforming Care – how can progress be improved

ADASS/Home Group Report : Transforming Care – how can progress be improved 02/12/20 It is nine years since the abuse of people with learning disabilities or autism or both at Winterbourne View came to light. This ADASS report, sponsored by Home Group, looks at the challenges in the current Transforming Care system and asks how progress can be made. In particular, it explains that the government responded to Winterbourne View by pledging that everyone inappropriately placed in institutions would be moved to community settings. However, subsequent targets for progress in achieving this have not been met. Indeed, the latest NHS figures available at the time of writing this report show 2,100 people were still receiving inpatient care commissioned by NHS England at the end of August 2020 and this figure had not improved due to COVID-19.

Read at source: Download here

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