Radical and new plan needed on long-term care of aging population – Safeguarding Ireland

The need for a radical and new approach on providing long-term care to Ireland’s aging population has been highlighted, in a new report commissioned by Safeguarding Ireland.

The report said there is an unresolved ‘generational conflict’ in how the cost of caring for older people will be funded. Questions on how this can be borne fairly across generations, and how to better safeguard vulnerable adults, need to be addressed.

Funding Long Term Support and Care for Older People – A Safeguarding Perspective written by Dr. Michael Browne highlights the need for a radical shift in approach, far beyond analysing or amending current policy.

The discussion document identifies conflicts between people as:

  • ‘Citizens – who want the best possible care and quality of life for vulnerable older people
  • Taxpayers – who sometimes do not wish to pay to ensure that such care is available and
  • Family members – who may prioritise inheritance over care.’


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