Dementia inclusive in-home resource | National Gallery of Ireland

Here at the National Gallery of Ireland, we believe that our collection should be accessible to everyone, and we aim to provide a public programme that is inclusive and accessible to all of our audiences.

As part of this wider access programme, we have been providing free, facilitator-led dementia-inclusive sessions on site at the Gallery and in the community over the last five years. This in-home resource is a new project to enable people with dementia and carers to enjoy art within their own home.

This new resource has been designed as an aid for the carer/ health professional to assume the role of facilitator. You can download a PDF version of it here, or scroll down to find everything you need, including a step-by-step guide, advice on how to conduct one of our sessions from the comfort of home, and five artworks from our collection to explore.

If you have the means to use digital platforms like ZOOM, we can arrange for a member of our team to take part in the session. We are also available answer any of your questions about this activity – just email 


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