The Food of Care Homes

Kitchens in care settings occupy a strange and largely ignored space in the world of professional cooking. We uphold chefs and their ragtag kitchen armies, on the one hand, and immerse ourselves in home cooking on the other. But somewhere in between these poles, between the public and the private, is the vast amount of vital, uncelebrated cooking that happens in our institutions: across care settings, hospitals, prisons and more. These kitchen spaces, in which the mechanisms of the market are felt less keenly – where cooks cook in order to please and to feed, rather than to upsell, edify or impress – tend to go unnoticed when we discuss hospitality, kitchen innovation, food culture and ethics. But it is in precisely these blurred spaces, one person’s home and another’s workplace, where some of the knottiest issues in our food systems are worked out.

Read in a full at Source: Vittles 6.9 – The Food of Care Homes – Vittles

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